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  1. Hope Warren, Floydada, TX. · November 29, 2015

    We have never met, and unfortunately probably never will. (At least not till we get to heaven) I am Holly Glasscock’s sister. Joni shared your blog with me. After reading your posts I just wanted to tell you that I’m praying for you & Matt. God bless you all!


    • mamamichelle81 · December 1, 2015

      Hi Hope!! Thank you so much for your prayers, we appreciate them so much. I sure do love your sister and nieces. They are precious to me! 🙂


  2. Courtney (Kimberlin) Lindenborn · April 25, 2016

    Hi Michelle! You & I have never met but after reading your blog I just felt an urge to reach out to you. I want to first begin by saying your strength & Faith is admirable! I grew up with Matt and considered him to be one of my closest guy friends during our wild high school days. He’s always held a special place in my heart for his kindness. It brings such joy to know that he’s married to such a wonderful woman. You, Matt & your family are in my family’s prayers. Bless you all….


    • mamamichelle81 · April 29, 2016

      Thank you so much!! I read your comment to Matt and it made him smile. We appreciate and need every single prayer, so keep them coming!


  3. Karen Elliott · July 23, 2016

    Hi Michelle, I’m Karen Elliott and I grew up in Floydada with Holly Glasscock. I have been following your journey with your husband, Matt. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily as you travel the long road of death and its aftermath. I lost my first husband in a work related accident in 1982, and when you stated, “this can’t be real, it’s just a dream,” all those feelings and memories came flooding back to me. I promise it does get better; I’m not going to say it gets easier or that you’ll get over losing Matt, because a part of you also died that that day, and you will never “get over it” as people told me. He will always be with you, he will always be in your heart, and you will see him everywhere. Don’t worry, you aren’t crazy, God’s protecting you and I’d like to think giving our loved ones another goodbye. I hope I’ve help you and not upset you more.

    Love in Christ,
    Karen Elliott


  4. Jarad · February 17

    I believe my grandmother you have a mutual friend, though I can’t remember who it is. I don’t believe you live too far from each other. She suggested I read your blog months ago, shortly after my grandfather passed away. I have kept up with them since and I’m glad you didn’t stop! I’m proud of you. You have such strength. Matt was an amazing man and still plays a major role in the strength you find day to day. It’s amazing. Truly, a miracle.
    We are heading up to see my grandmother in March and I would absolutely love to meet you and introduce you and your kids to my family while we’re up there. A long shot request, I know, but how many chances do you get to meet a hero?
    We love you and I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. You’re winning. You really are. And you’re showing us we can win too.
    Jarad Gray, Magnolia, TX


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